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Intensive Greek language courses for foreigners

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The Vardakeios school organises  intensive Greek language courses for foreigners combined with afternoon cultural activities.The courses are intended for adults who wish to learn or improve their Greek while wanting to experience the daily life of a Cycladic island that is alive all year round.

Why come to Syros

Syros is an island only 4 hours away from Piraeus ( the main port of Greece) and is situated in the center of Cyclades. From here you have the opportunity to visit other cycladic islands such as Myconos, Naxos and Paros which are only 1 or 2 hours away by boat.

Teaching methods
The courses focus on speaking and listening and students communicate through small projects with the locals. Main teaching tools are: communicative games and exercises, role-plays, songs, newspaper articles etc.

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Dates of the courses for all levels (A1,A2,B1,B2,C1)
Mon 14/4 – Fri 25/4
Mon 12/5 – Fri 23/5
Mon 26/5 – Fri 6/6
Mon 30/6 – Fri 11/7
Mon 21/7 – Fri 1/8
Mon 4/8 – Fri16/8
Mon 19/8 – Fri 30/8
Mon 1/9 – Fri 12/9
Mon 16/9 – Fri 27/9
Mon 30/9 – Fri 11/10

The classes take place in the mornings from 9.30 -14.00. Every teaching hour lasts 60` and there are two breaks of 15` each. Overall the seminar includes 40  hours and additionally the school offers evening activities between the hours of 18.00-21.00.

Cultural activities

* Partcipation in a story telling workshop

*Daily excursion/hiking to the North of Syros (Apano Meria)

*A tour to the medieval village of Ano Syros,  the historical center of the town where there are many buildings of neoclassical architecture,  the archeological and industrial museum, the Apollo theatre and the Town Hall

*Opportunity to attend local festivals of music and art such as: concerts (Aegean festival , International music festival of Cyclades), movie festivals(animation festivals), painting exhibitions e.t.c.

*A visit to a factory where the local delicacies, loukoumia, are made

*Greek  cookery lesson

Ancient Greek courses

Afternoon classes of ancient Greek can be offered for those who want to combine ancient and modern Greek. The teaching hours will be 1 daily. Total hours:10
The cost for the ancient Greek lessons is 200 euros with the condition that at least 3 students will register.

Fees and meals

Fees for all courses are 500 euro and are given at the beginning of the course. In this price are included meals every afternoon at the end of each session. The meals are served at the yard of the school. The kitchen of the school is available for the students for preparing any other meal.

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We can provide accommodation in a rented room in the center of Ermoupoli for 25 euros (low season) to 30 euros (high season) / day for a single room.


The groups are small (4-5 people). In case the groups consist only of two students  the teaching hours automatically are reduced from 4 to 3 per day

For anyone that is interested we can send a placement test to diagnose the level . For european standard language levels  please click here.

If you are interested in any other period, for private or on line lessons please contact us.
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Intensive Greek language courses for foreigners