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Vardakeios School of Hermoupolis is operating since 1872 as an annex to the Literary Society of Athens “Parnassus” which was designed to combat illiteracy by offering free primary and vocational education. The initiative of “Parnassos” to establish a school for the primary education of poor children who worked all day for survival, gave great relief and hope to the people of Syros. The training covered the six main classes of primary school. The courses were held at night and they were aimed to young children and adolescents… Continue reading

Administrative Council

The Board of Directors of Vardakeios School is elected every three years by the members of the School. The current Council was elected by the elections of March 17, 2013… Continue reading


In the school`s language courses teach instructors with extensive experience in teaching foreign languages to adults. They have the opportunity to use the teamwork teaching method, assign projects and use tools such as role playing, interviews, authentic texts from newspapers etc… Continue reading