Language courses

Vardakeios School of Ermoupolis started its activities in adult education ten years ago and at least 500 students have attended one or more language courses so far. The School offers courses of Greek,English,Italian, French, Spanish and Russian languages. The courses are aimed at adults and the students have the opportunity to prepare themselves for the State Language Certificate.

Intensive Greek language courses for foreigners

Vardakeios school organises intensive Greek language courses for foreigners combined with afternoon cultural activities.The courses are intended for adults who wish to learn or improve their Greek while wanting to experience the daily life of a Cycladic island that is alive all year round. For more Information click here

Multicultural environment

However, the school is also a place where everyone can function as an example of his/her culture, but also as a receiver of elements of other cultures. In this School xenophobia and racism have no place. On the contrary, we seek to experience the multicultural environment through several activities. Storytelling with stories from around the world, staging performances by foreigner students, multicultural cuisine, bazaars of Greek and foreign books, woodcarve workshop, and hiking on the mountains are some of the many activities organised by the students and for the students.
Information office for immigrants

The School also operates as an information office for immigrants. The students, or anyone interested, can get information related to immigration issues and structures

European programmes

Since 2009 the school has participated in European programmes of “Lifelong learning» (Grundtvig and Leonardo Da Vinci) by implementing projects with the participation of the students. In June 2013 Vardakeios organised a Grundtvig workshop of Greek language with the title: “Learning the Greek language and Greek culture through the eyes of immigrants/Greek as a foreign language A2-B1 level” where all the expenses for the 15 participants were covered by the E.U

Μάθημα ελληνικών
Greek courses


Η Βαρδάκειος Σχολή Ερμούπολης ανακοινώνει την έναρξη κύκλου εργαστηρίων- σεμιναρίων για ενήλικες για το σχολ. έτος 2021-2022:

• Ιστορίας της τέχνης με τον Γιάννη Δανέλη

• Γαλλικού Πολιτισμού με την Christelle Loukitch

• Ελληνικής Γλώσσας για ξενόγλωσσους με την Ευγενία Κόλλια

• Ιταλικού Πολιτισμού με την Laura Angeli

• Ισπανόφωνου Πολιτισμού με την Graciella Feller

• Συζητάμε Ισπανικά – Curso de conversación με την Graciella Feller

• “Μιλάμε Αγγλικά στην καθημερινή ζωή” με τον Samuele Livornese

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